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Why choose the PFH Card?

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  • Simple - One stop credit card management.  
  • Convenient - Review your accounts and assets anytime, anywhere.  
  • Flexible - Transaction records are clear at a glance. 
  • Clear - Consolidated transaction history to analyze your spending tendencies. 
  • 5 Reliable - Secure with a high degree of privacy.

PFH Finance reserves the sole right to approve or decline any credit card application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pay my credit card bills?

You can use the following methods to pay off your credit card repayment amount. (To avoid the overdue fees, please pay the invoice at least 5 working days before the repayment due date):

By HKDM Points: 

To make full or partial repayment in HKDM points.


By Cash/ Cheque:

To make repayment by cash, make a deposit to:

OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited (Bank Code: 035)

Account Number: 611189-051

Branch Code:802

By Faster Payment System (FPS):

To make repayment by Faster Payment System (FPS), please transfer the funds to:

PFH Finance Limited - OCBC FPS ID: 111902631


We strongly recommend that you send your receipt (labelled with your card number and customer number) in three working days before the repayment due date by email: If there are any questions or enquires at this stage, please do not hesitate to reach us by email ( or WhatsApp +852 6759 6728 /call our 24hrs Customer Service Hotline +852 3188 8902.

2. Where to check my PFH credit card info. In PFH APP ?

  • 1. Please select the PFH mobile APP and press the【Login】button.
  • 2. After logging into the app, you can see your PFH account number and available credit limit.
  • 3. Click【Manage】, you can find your transaction records, monthly statements, and other credit card information.
  • 4. Click the credit icon.
  • 5. Click【View】.
  • 6. Enter the security code to view more credit card information e.g. PFH credit card number or cvv number. 

3. How to activate my new physical credit card?

  • 1. Please select the PFH mobile APP and press the【Login】button.
  • 2. Click【Manage】.
  • 3. Press the【Activate】button in the Manage Card location to activate the credit card.
  • 4. Enter the passcode to complete the procedure.

4. What should I fill in for the validity period while applying a PFH credit card account with Hong Kong ID card?

You can fill in the date of the application.

5. Why is it still stuck on the page of pending approval?

It takes time for the application to get approved. Please log out and login again later to view the result. 

6. How long does it take to receive the physical credit card after the application is completed?

Generally, new cards will be issued within 10 working days when customers have successfully applied.

7. Why can’t I receive the verification code?

 The PFH mobile app is available in the following regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. If your region is not one of the above, you need to apply with an application form or use a phone number of any of the above countries.

8. What if I forget/ change my passcode?

Change Passcode:

  • 1. Please select the PFH mobile APP and press the【Login】button.
  • 2. Click【User Information】.
  • 3. Click【Change Passcode】.
  • 4. Enter your old passcode. 
  • 5. Set your new passcode.

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PFH Card Mobile is a professional, secure and reliable credit card platform that allows you to enjoy the convenience and benefits of credit cards anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to apply for a credit card or manage your existing PFH credit cards, PFH Card Mobile can meet your needs.

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